Thursday, February 19, 2009

Outer Space

And now I'm back, from outer space....

Sorry it's been awhile. Here's what I have been doing while I was away....

Looking for shoes under the bed; chasing my new cat Henry; stopping Cade from carring Henry by the neck; eating little debbie cakes; fucking off on myspace and facebook just a tad; calling my co-workers douches under my breath; pretending to be a lesbian; pretending to be on a diet; cleaning up behind a two-year-old; secretly plotting against my 3-year-old nephew; daydreaming of ways to take over the world; realizing how stupid my best friend really is; realizing how much I love my best friend; trying to decide if I think my brother is really gay or if it's just me; drinking shit tons of coffee; firing some deadweight beshes at my office; being a closet cosmotologist; drinking cheap boxed wine and Arbor Mist (what can I say, I'm broke!); wondering what the fuck happened to all my tax return money; fucking off with the Wii; screaming at my dogs; wondering if my dogs are deaf; makin money, spending money; and wanting to dance like Kevin Bacon in Footloose; oh, and trying to remember my gmail username and password so I can blog again!

Oh, and I found this alien when I was there. Cute huh?


  1. Welcome back love muffin. I love your alien, can I have one too?

  2. Wow. You've been busy.

    Yeah, these days...that Arbor Mist is about the only thing I can afford.

    Oh, to be rich.

  3. Mama dawg, if you can drink Arbor Mist and still get crunk, you are at heart!