Monday, March 30, 2009

It takes a thief....

Saturday afternoon, I sat my daughter down with Sesame Street so that I could pick up the house before our night out. After cleaning the kitchen, I found her in foyer area sitting under our secretary. I asked her what she was doing and in a very small, two-year-old voice, she replied, "Cadence playing." I knew that had to mean she had been up to no good. So I said "ok, come on, let's change your diaper." At that time, I didn't know that I meant that so literally. On her table in the picture above is what I found in her diaper, minus the wipes. Let's inventory, shall we?

1. Several pieces of change totaling $0.78.
2. My missing pearl bracelet, only later to find the necklace under her bed.
3. A hairpin of mine that she took out of the bathroom (Thank goodness she didn't get stuck.)
4. One cornflake

And last but not least, when I started to change her diaper, I found multiple wet wipes stuffed down the front of her diaper and the wipes opened but cleverly hidden under the chase lounge.

I used to think she would be a bean counter...but I had no idea she would steal the beans!


  1. That's my girl! All she needs now is a roll of duct tape, two toothpicks, a lighter and pantyhose and she has herself a homemade radio! Way to go Cade!

  2. That was hysterical. Reminds me of mine when she was that age.