Friday, October 22, 2010

La La La La

Ok, so I think I may be going crazy, but wait, haven't I been there all along? Have I merely adjusted to the spectrum of weird events around me and accepted them for my reality? I'm walking on air but still I am sinking in quick sand. I want to sing you my theme song, but you don't have ears. Dance with me on the beach in the dead of winter, snow falling all around us. Show me your inner light with a devilish smile tucked deep inside. Let's hold hands and skip through Central Park, running into strangers and never looking back. Prick my finger and watch my blood drip down. Joust my heart and pull it out. Take me to bed but love me none. Undress me with your eyes but leave my panties on for a kinky surprise. I'll call you on the telephone just to let you know that I don't care about the sun, only the rain. Stomp in puddles with me, tracking our mud all over my white carpet. Share all my dirty moves with all your friends but keep me to yourself. Idolize me on the highest pedestal just to knock me down one night in a drunken rage. I'll whisper sweet nothings into the air, making sure you'll never hear them. And when we gaze into each other's eyes, we will only see despise and hate because we are jealous that we aren't each other. You me and I you. Kill me softly and throw daisies in my coffin, showering me with yellow. Wake me up in the middle of the night and tell me you are leaving. Leave forever but never go anywhere. I'll love you just the same. I'll write your name in the bathroom stall with "Call for a good time." You'll be my biggest accomplishment and also, my biggest mistake. Come, stay with me in this fucked up world forever. Never leave and slip into insanity with me. Find me repulsive but something you can't deny. Love me....

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