Friday, October 22, 2010

A Mourning Child

Deep inside I felt that I had a reason to be me
I felt that I could make a change for the world to see
Now I know that will never be

I live a different life than everyone here
I hide away inside my adolescent fear
At night, I cry the same lonesome tear

It seems that no one will ever understand
Nor will anyone hold out their helping hand
What is the world coming to today
When no one has a kind word to say

I want someone to hold my heart
When I am crying, falling apart
I am only a child that mourns and weeps
Only a child that never sleeps

Think twice before you push another child away
Because there might always come a day
That you destroy another adolescent in a secret way

My heart has grown cold
My feelings have been sold
This sad, lonesome story never goes untold

Copyright © 2000

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